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Francine Jarry - Singer-Songwriter

Songs of Wisdom and Well-Being

An interview article by Rosemary Phillips

UPDATE 2023: Montreal singer/songwriter Francine Jarry is on a spiritual journey through music. She uses her powerful voice, intricate harmonies and warm uplifting musical arrangements to produce songs that touch the heart and provide a message of hope and inspiration for humankind – the kind of therapy that has no known side effects other than an overwhelming feeling of joy and well-being.
Francinehas recently released four new albums, including "Eternamente" a collection of her all-time favourites, plus a new collection of original songs and instrumentals. It is a delight.
Francine's latest project is The Story of Time - Turtle and Tree, written & illustrated by Jose Arguelles, with music written, recorded & performed by Francine.
Check out her web site from the link at the bottom of this page for the latest news, and see for her beautiful new videos.

Instant relief from symptoms of stress and depression

Francine Jarry
INTRO: I met Francine when I was producing the show “Over the Rainbow” at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo, B.C. in 1999. Francine happened to be on the West Coast visiting a friend who was in her last stages of cancer. It was timely and perfect that Francine, who goes under the name The Rainbow Music Company, became a part of this “healing concert” which included artists - Winston Wuttunee, First Nations entertainer/storyteller; Jim Salmon, percussionist extraordinaire; John Forrest, bass; Gwyneth Evans, harp; Marjorie Koers, violin; and Peter Leclerc, guitar. She gave very moving performances of two of her original songs “Love Heals Everything” and “We Are The Ones”. Our paths have crossed a number of times since; first in Montreal, to be there when she presented her own concert in 2000, and later that summer, a quick drive across Canada on the Yellowhead in my old Caravan to meet up with her bus connection in Edmonton for her journey to Whitehorse. When not dozing or taking in the sites we sang and sang and sang…

Things just happen when the time is right

“If you’re really having fun doing what you are doing and the process of what you are doing, eventually, I feel, things just happen when the time is right. The universe takes a little time to orchestrate getting people in the right place,” said Francine in a recent interview. “That’s my experience, especially in the last few years.”

Although Francine’s music has really evolved recently she has been on the music scene in Quebec for over thirty years, achieving success with the country music group Trilogy and as lead singer of MCA’s Graham County. Although Francine dropped her musical career in 1976, she never left it. “I stopped recording and writing when I started having children. But I kept playing piano in restaurants.”

Francine goes through a major life change

In London, Ontario, Francine went back to school at Fanshawe College, in Music Industry Arts. Jack Richardson, who produced The Guess Who, was one of the instructors. “Before I knew it I was doing studio work and sound engineering in a 16-track studio. I also started recording at home with a four-track Yamaha. I had so much fun. I got completely lost in the recordings, and I started writing again.”

When she returned to Montreal, with her passion for music newly awakened, Francine hit a really low point in her life. “I didn’t know where to go and what to do. I had three children and I was recently divorced so I worked in an office. I had to let go of the music for a while. Eventually I got a band together. They were old friends and good musicians.” This was 1994.

Daddy’s Gone

Francine inherited a bit of money that gave her the opportunity to do what she had always wanted to do – an album. “I did the country album Daddy’s Gone. It was very autobiographical. I was getting rid of the past to open the door to move forward.” Francine had written the main title song in a matter of five minutes while on her way to pick up her children from school. “It’s funny how inspiration can come when it’s least expected and with little effort.”

After buying her own recording equipment her music took an entirely new direction. Two of her close friends took very ill. “It was after my two friends died that I decided I wasn’t going to do anything unless it gave me some joy and made me feel good.” Daddy’s Gone led to It’s up to Me (If I Want to be Happy).

Francine discovers Abraham

Francine then discovered Abraham. “I had been attending Unity Church and reading a lot of books – you know – when you start on the spiritual path you want to know so much. I started noticing lines that were so good, they were giving me ideas for songs. Like the song Dear Father. I saw that somewhere in Gary Zukov’s Seat of the Soul. Different lines and words, thoughts and ideas, sometimes just from attending seminars or classes – and that’s how some of the songs came about. Like The Road to Dharma, came from a line in Depak Chopra’s The Keys to Spiritual Success. I woke up one morning with the first line – ‘Every detour has a purpose.’ The ideas, I feel, are inspired because the less I think of writing a song the easier it comes out. So it has been the easiest thing I have ever done.”

Do it for Love

Recently Francine released Do it for Love, songs inspired by the teachings of Abraham. After sending the album to Jerry and Esther Hicks, it was released in the U.S. by Abraham-Hicks Publications as A New Adventure. Louise Hay, author of best-selling You Can Heal Your Life said of the CD, “In my opinion, Abraham is one of the best teachers on the planet today. Your listeners are going to truly enjoy this music.”

Says Francine, “Now so many people are e-mailing me about my music.” These testimonials all speak of the joy, rushes of energy, and how the music is so uplifting.
It is healing music that can’t be categorised in the normal way. It’s music for all ages.

Busking can provide inspiration

In addition to her recordings, Francine has worked with school choirs, keeps up her piano playing gigs, her concerts, and can be found on occasion under a viaduct busking. “I had always wanted to busk in this one place that is like a long indoor passage with amazing acoustics. I wrote so many songs there. I got quite a lot of good insights standing there for two hours every day… that was the beginning of Joy to the Universe… one of my favourite songs. It was and is a good place to learn songs and get them down – a good practice place.”

Recently Francine finished working on a children’s film in Vermont. “It was a pilot, test run. It’s called Angel Wings, to teach positive concepts to children. It’s a cute story. I think they’ve used about four or five of my songs in the twenty minutes, including The Children are the Guardians of the World.”

Make the Best of Everything

Of the future? “I have been recording nature sounds, streams, crickets, roosters, Canada geese. I have 25 songs already recorded for the next CD, tentatively titled Make the Best of Everything. I also want to write little stories where I can use my songs. I want to create characters, and animation.”

Who knows where Francine’s music will be going – but definitely somewhere where people need to hear joy. When you listen to her songs you hear harmonies and instrumental arrangements that carry you away to France, South America and Imagination Land where there is hope. You hear the wisdom, the well-being and the joy all delivered with love and warmth. And that is healing.

For more information on Francine’s music, hear samples of her recordings and to book her for engagements visit her web site: Rainbow Music.
And check YouTube for her latest videos.
For information on Abraham visit

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