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"One Seed" - Presentation and Performance in School, Home and Community around the World

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Children are the SEEDS of the future on
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"It took one seed to make a diff'rence!"

"One Seed" has been presented and performed in schools, homes and communities around the World.
"One Seed" - now offers FREE support materials for presentation and use in schools and community activities - with new scripts for the play; music, actions and images for the song; and illustrated question sheets about what comes from a seed, about growing a garden, and seeds as ideas - and how ideas GROW. (See below.)
Teachers and parents have sent artwork from: Ireland, India, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, England, Iran, Dubai, Lebanon, and across the United States and Canada. See the Kids Art Gallery.
See below for LINKS for DOWNLOADS and information.

"It took one seed to make a diff'rence!"


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Video of "One Seed" in Japan
Video of "One Seed" in Jabal Amman, Jordan
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LINKS to FREE downloads of materials for teachers and parents.
Click on the boxes below for: the E-Book as a PDF; Song Lyrics; Sheet Music; Actions for the One Seed Song; Pictures that can be used while singing the One Seed Song; Questions with illustrations about seeds, gardening, ideas and more; Narrator scripts for the play; Scripts for the Seeds; MP3s of the read-along story and song; and wmv videos.

FREE PDF of "One Seed"
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Lyrics for the
"One Seed" Song
Sheet Music for the
"One Seed" song
Actions for the
"One Seed" Song
Pictures for the
"One Seed" Song
NEW Narrator script for the
"One Seed" Play
FREE MP3 Download of the
"One Seed" Song
Questions with Illustrations about
seeds, gardening, ideas and more
as in the video and book
Scripts for the Seeds in the
"One Seed" Play
FREE MP3 Download of the
"One Seed" Read-Along Story
FREE Download of the
"One Seed" Video
FREE Download of the
"One Seed" Song Video

PERFORMANCES in Schools, Concert Halls and Festivals - and around the World
Rosemary has given "One Seed" presentations and performances with the story, book and song throughout British Columbia and in Ontario, Canada. These have been for schools, children’s concerts and festivals, family concerts, community events, literacy fairs, and for teachers’ professional days in specially designed workshops titled "Bringing Literacy to Life."

Because of the YouTube video, shown above, "One Seed" has now been presented around the world for classroom study and assemblies. Teachers have used the story for programs about seeds and growing food, for Courage Days, discussions on bullying, and for Earth Day. Some schools have even had their productions aired on local television. If your school has made a presentation please contact Rosemary and let her know. She would love to hear from you! And if the children have art, it can be posted on the "One Seed" Kid's Art Gallery.

Children of Fort Nelson join in with singing the "One Seed" song with actions. To the right, children in Rock Creek participate in discussion about seeds and ideas.

Children at the New Beginning International School, in Yamaguchi, Japan, perform the "One Seed" story and song as a play for their graduation ceremony in 2016. The children are part of the 'English as a Second Language' program. This is an amazing production with costumes, props and sound effects. Every child participates. Congratulations to the teachers and children, and thank you for sharing!

VIDEO OF "ONE SEED" IN Jabal Amman, Jordan
It was an incredible surprise to receive this video from Samar Sweis of Rosary Sisters in Jabal Amman, Jordan. She has put together a wonderful presentation of Grade 2 students performing the One Seed story and song. The pages of the book were projected onto a huge screen at the back of the stage and all the children participated, acting and singing. I have never seen the images so large before, or One Seed so tall. It is evident the children are having great fun. It warms my heart. While the main sound is of the original One Seed song recording, you can hear the children behind, especially at the end as they sing loudly, "One Seed that's all!" I especially love the doves of peace the children at the front of the stage are holding. Thank you one and all!

Not only do children get involved in telling of the story, the sound effects, and the song, grown-ups also participate. It doesn't take long for an audience to grasp the chorus of the song and the actions. During a Doukhobor Youth Concert, when a young person yelled out from the audience for the "One Seed" song, the adults found themselves singing along, doing the actions from their seats (particularly the index finger with hand forward for the words “One Seed”) and having a great time – totally impromptu!

The only limitation to the presentation of "One Seed" is imagination.

“My grade four class acted out the book to our school today for our monthly Character assembly. The focus of the assembly was Courage. The staff and students really enjoyed the presentation. The principal of our school even commented that the story had brought a tear to her eye.”
- A teacher, February 2010

* Reading the story as just a story - This allows the children to listen and imagine.
* Bringing the story to life - The children all become involved in the story. With a narrator to tell/read the story, five children can become the Seeds and the rest of the children take on the role of the Sound Effects Department. (See and download the New Narrator script from the link above.)
* Discussion – What comes from a seed? What do we need to help a garden grow? What have you done that you didn’t think you could do, but you did? Seeds as Ideas and Inventors? (See and download the 'Questions with Illustrations' pages from the link above.)
* Singing the "One Seed" song first without actions - except for the index finger up and hand moving forward for the words "One Seed" - this gives more strength to the singing - believe it or not!
* Singing the "One Seed" song with all the actions. (See and download the 'Actions for the "One Seed" Song' from the link above.) Closing with the song gets the children on their feet and energized after sitting for a while because the actions involve stretching, tall, like a tree.

These photos show Rosemary presenting for a school assembly with first the story as a story, then bringing the story to life with children participating, followed by questions about seeds and ideas, and finally everyone standing to sing the "One Seed" song with actions.

"One Seed" provides opportunities for teachers and parents to discuss many different subjects. Here are a few examples: seeds and how they grow; what comes from a seed; gardening; the importance of trees; reclaiming desert; the environment; Earth Day and Planet Earth; courage, patience, perseverance, acceptance, peace and harmony, following dreams; being different; the problem of bullying; making a difference; hope for our future; seeds as ideas, sowing seeds, and how ideas grow; believing that you CAN. (See and download the Questions with Illustrations' pages from the link above.)

One follow-up to the story and song has been art. Teachers from around the world have sent in creations from their students and these are now posted in the "One Seed" Kids Art Gallery. Another follow-up has been involving the children in writing their own story, to create a little book and a song.

Response from teachers and students has been tremendously favourable. See the Reviews and Testimonials page, and also visit the "One Seed" Kids Art Gallery where teachers have given their feedback.

The "One Seed" story and song were used as a springboard for teachers in Kamloops, BC, at Professional Day workshops titled "Bringing Literacy to Life." The teachers were invited to divide into groups to create a story, do illustrations, and also create a song to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Teachers wrote about their experience in reviews of the workshop. This document also gives the outline of the presentation.

Teachers creating their own story.

This concept was used in a whole-school Earth Day 2016 activity at Okanagan Falls Elementary School in British Columbia. See the following YouTube video. Students from K-7 created their own story, illustrations and song about their vision, hopes and dreams of the future on Planet Earth.

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