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Asha (Hope) - a song and circle dance for peace

About the song "Asha (Hope)"
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Guitar Chords
Circle Dance Instructions

About the song "Asha (Hope)"
Words, music, vocals and guitar by Rosemary Phillips, 2003
Bass and Guitar - John Vere
Circle Dance - by Mihaela
Painting of hands - Lisa Phillips
Graphics by Rosemary
Recorded and engineered at Cactus Studios, Grand Forks BC Canada
Produced by Rosemary Phillips and John Vere
Also available on the CD Me and My Guitar

"Asha (Hope)" the song and circle dance are inspired creations, gifts to be shared around the world with the message of hope for everyone and everything on this planet Earth that we call home - hope for peace, love, understanding and respect. The song and dance are not held down by copyright, they are to be shared freely. They are a gift from God, Allah, Jehovah, Ahura Mazda, however you may understand the Creator, All that is, and the prophets.
Please share "Asha (Hope)" the song and dance. Feel free to copy them and perform them. Enjoy them in love and peace.
Om, Shalom, Asha, Inshallah.
Rosemary and Mihaela

OM = Creation (Buddhist, Hindi, and around the world)
SHALOM = Peace (Judaism)
ASHA = Hope (Hindi, Parsee, Zoroastrian – the Wise Men at the birth of Christ and Christianity)
INSHALLAH = God Willing (Islam)

Download the song - FREE!

For download of the song please follow this link:
Asha (Hope).
You will require a media player such as Windows or Itunes.

Lyrics for "Asha (Hope)"

Bless this Earth that we call home
Embrace it with one voice of – OM
OM – OM – OM – OM

Bless this Earth that we call home
For peace we pray and sing – SHALOM

Reaching out from where we are
From our hearts we hope – ASHA

Bless all people near and far
For we are one – INSHALLAH


Bless this Earth that we call home
Embrace it with one voice of – OM
OM – OM – OM – OM

Guitar Chords for "Asha (Hope)"

As on the recording, with capo on second fret:
Verse - Am E Am E Am E Am G Dm7 E
Bridge - Am G Dm7 E

Circle Dance Instructions

Form circle, everybody faces inward. The dance starts by stepping to the right (R, L, R, L) as follows:

Bless (R) this Earth (L) that we (R) call home (L) - Pivot to change direction
Embrace (R) it with (L) one voice (R) of OM (L) - Face centre, hands together over heart.
Om-Om-Om-Om - each Om will be one quarter turn to the right, to finish facing centre. Hands are kept up in "praise" during the entire rotation.

Repeat above steps on the next three verses.

On each word make one quarter turn to the right, to finish facing centre. On each word hands come together at waist, then up to the heart in "praise", then open and give out to all.

Final OM: Hands together at heart, then raise up in "praise" until the end of the music. This can be done will all dancers facing into the centre, or by pivotting half a turn to the right to face outward.

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