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Rosemary Phillips
Rosemary onstage
"With her warm and comfortable way with the audience, her gentle storytelling, and laughter, one doesn’t quite expect such a powerful voice and fine technique… It all seems so effortless and casual that we are able to just relax and enjoy the journey that she takes us on."

"The music was relaxing and the stories were very moving. The memory jar, in which people could put the names of their loved ones, was a unique idea."

"We had just raving reviews about your concert. Not only did the music touch the hearts of so many but your mediumship was dead on - great confirmation that Spirit is working. Everyone enjoyed the whole program and they were so glad that they came!" (Barbara Leonard, Balance Point Inner Garden, July 2008)

"Rosemary’s concert was very moving from the beginning. Her voice alone, touches one’s soul … add that to her stage presence, choice of music and the way she weaves her choice of songs throughout her story, is very spiritually uplifting"."

“We both feel that the most important thing about the whole concert was all the healing which took place, all the people who were touched by your music.”

"I thank God every day for ears to hear with. Your singing is one of my richest treasures. I am honoured to know you in this life-time. Thank you for singing this past Sunday. It felt so peaceful and joyous listening to your singing in the park and in the rain. I love it." (Edie)


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