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A Unique Form of Entertainment - psychic and clairvoyant mediumship and sing-along music - a one-of-a-kind performance, so unique in fact that Rosemary is the only such known performer.

Rosemary, a singer-songwriter-storyteller, and sometimes happy medium, combines her talents to present an evening of moving and fun music, singing familiar and new songs, PLUS between songs, giving messages to members of the audience.

Described as having a voice like sun-warmed honey, Rosemary has honed her singing talents over the last 40-plus years and from her heart she sings a variety of songs that uplift, inspire and bring a feeling of well-being. Be they original songs or those made popular by such artists as John Denver or Elvis Presley (to name a few) Rosemary gives them full voice and invites the audience to join in. Audience members have even stepped forward to create a back-up chorus with harmonies.

Listen to Rosemary sing with the song We Are The Wind - a free download..

Rosemary giving a message Rosemary giving a message Rosemary giving a message

Messages and Words from Spirit - Between songs Rosemary connects directly with members of the audience to bring messages and links with the Spirit world, that mysterious and wonderful loving source, often called the Other Side of Life, to provide messages of comfort, hope, encouragement, humour, laughter and love, and show that life does continue after life - that there is indeed life after so-called death.

What Folks are Saying:

I met Rosemary for the first time (at a House Concert) and was so impressed with her. Her channelled messages for me were dead on. The energy she brought to our group was amazing and the sharing we did created a bond among us. Rosemary's songs brought laughter, tears, joy, and I felt so much lighter when I left. It was one of those evenings I will never forget.
Pamella, House Concert, Qualicum Beach.

I just wanted you to know that wonderful YOU was my message. YOU insired me to get going on my project and make it happen... Singing has always been a quiet passion of mine. I felt that perhaps it was too late for me to get started on anything and then Susan Boyle takes the world by storm at the tender age of 47. And shortly on her heels I get to see you! There are no accidents. What you do really made a difference in my life. It got me off the couch and into the stream of creativity where my soul lives and breathes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Sheryl, Calgary

Wonderful energy! Wonderful fun! Great ideas! I'm glad you're bringing the spirit of John Denver and embodying it more in the public. I think it's a good idea to expand his spirit in your unique way.
Ron, Calgary

Thank you for the love, the healing and the music.

Thank you for the beautiful experience.

- We had just raving reviews about your concert. Not only did the music touch the hearts of so many but your mediumship was dead on. Great confirmation that Spirit is working. Everyone enjoyed the whole program and they were so glad that they came!
Barbara Leonard, Balance Point - Inner Garden

Songs as Messengers - The songs themselves, taken from Rosemary's extensive and forever expanding collection, also become messengers for messages. They are chosen specifically for each performance. Be they songs of love, humour or deep emotion, the words, memory, feeling evoked by each are meant for one or more members of the audience or for the whole audience.

An Experience - Rosemary is a natural born medium and healer. (The late medium Joe Benjamin, of London, UK - identified her talents in 1982 and steered her in the direction of developing them.) Over the years she has had training and support from such mediums as the late Irene Griffey of the International Spiritualist Alliance and Mary Heitenan of the Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church. She has previously provided music for the late well-known medium David Young. And from Spirit she has received encouragement and gentle proddings, particularly from Mary Heitenan and John Denver - with the message that she must keep singing. Now she combines mediumship with the performing arts to create a unique concert experience, for it is an experience.

Rosemary giving a message Rosemary giving a message Rosemary giving a message

From "Over the Rainbow" to "Talking and Singing with Heaven" - Over the last twenty years Rosemary has performed Music as Healer programs, presenting familiar and popular songs and many of her own songs written specifically for healing and transition in people's lives (available on her CDs "Homemade with Rosemary" and Me and My Guitar). On Vancouver Island, Rosemary took a huge risk in 1999 and presented the concert “Over the Rainbow” at The Port Theatre in Nanaimo, where she invited talent from as far away as Montreal to join her on stage for a celebration of life, a healing concert. One review stated, “Rosemary's concert was very moving from the beginning... Her voice alone touches one's soul... add that to her stage presence, choice of music and the way she weaves her choice of songs throughout her story, it is very spiritually uplifting.”
Rosemary has taken that concept of a healing concert one step further to embrace fully the knowledge and proof that there is life after death, that we can communicate with other dimensions, not just in the spoken word but with music and in a concert setting that is joyful and safe - with words to touch and music to feel.

Psychic Art by Rosemary
Psychic Art by Rosemary
Concert Halls - Rosemary has performed Music and Mediumship (Talking and Singing with Heaven) in halls of various sizes across Canada with house audiences of 30 to 150 people. While messages may not be given individually to all those in attendance, these messages invariably have meaning for several at one time. Often audience members are heard to say, "I could relate to that message too." And, for those who don't get individual messages there's great music to sing along with - and of course - the songs also become Messages from Spirit.

House Concerts - These smaller, more intimate concerts allow the comforts of a home. Rosemary has performed these in her own home and for private parties and bookings. While audience members sit comfortably on sofas and lounge chairs they are entertained with music, sing alongs and because of the audience size, just about everyone gets a message. It's a great social evening!

Bookings - Rosemary is focussing more on writing and recording at this time. However she can be available for house concerts in the Boundary and West Kootenay region of British Columbia. Visit the Schedule page for the latest information, concert and presentation dates.


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