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Old, Old Tree

Words and music by Rosemary Phillips SOCAN
From the CD Homemade with Rosemary
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Way up high on a mountain top
I was tired and had to stop.
The journey had been quite long,
Yet I was filled with a happy song - of
Oh, oh, I'm free - Oh, oh, I'm free.

The sun was high and hot
So I moved to a shady spot
Under an old old tree
And I felt it could speak to me - of
Oh, oh, mystery - Oh, oh, mystery.

(I asked) Spirits of the tree
Show yourselves to me, through faces in your bark.
Spirits of the tree, won't you speak to me
Of life, light and dark?

They said, "Don't you know we're one,
And have been since the days' begun?
Don't you know we need the night,
To prepare for the day's delight?
Oh, oh, can't you see? -Oh, oh, can't you see?"

(I asked) Spirits of the tree
Can we truly be, one with all we know?
Spirits of the tree, what you're telling me,
Is it really, really so?

(They said) "When you're in the darkest night
You will see the morning light
As it slowly sends its rays
To touch you in wondrous ways.
Oh, oh, feel the sun - Oh, oh, feel the sun!

"About being one we'll say,
We're like that morning ray,
Coming from a single source
It's just we all have a different course,
Oh, oh, we are one - Oh, oh, we are one!

Oh, oh, just be - Oh, oh, just be!
And remember this old old tree!
And remember this old old tree! ... (to fade)


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