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Cash Cow

Words and music by Rosemary Phillips
From the CD Me and My Guitar
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Wind on the hills beckons to me
Far from it all, donít you see.
I canít be in, this place right now
Facing this world, and its cash cow.

Cash cow is here, cash cow is there,
Rolling out dollars and nobody cares.
Gone are the smiles on the innocent child
Gone is the innocence, gone is the innocence
All is defiled.

Winds call to me, up on the hills
Soaring above, the cold city chills
Manifest hope, if only we could
As the world is hoodwinked, and not understood.

For here is the answer, as you well know
Lying inside you, can you make it show?
Can you see my light? Can you see my tears?
Can you know my sorrows?
As I was used, throughout the years.

I donít know how to say this, except in a song
The world is really screwed up, and going wrong.
I like to think thereís hope, as people near and far
Reach for a truth, wanting peace not war.

Thereís war again man, War against life
The last is the worst war, For Natureís in strife.
We have abused, this planet
All of us, that is - For no one is that pure.

We are human, here to learn
But weíre burning bridges, as we turn
Away from blessing, this world of ours
With greed and power, itís continuously being devoured.

Thereíll be a big burp, in a very short while
Be prepared for a challenge, and a trial
Humanity is guilty, the judge has decreed
Guilty of malice, - and greed.

The verdict is in - Sentencing will be in a short while.


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