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STOP Growth GO Sustainable - A Letter to Prime-Minister Trudeau

The second in a series of Higher Common Sense items on this web site.

STOP Growth GO Sustainable

A letter to Prime-Minister Justin Trudeau, and Government of Canada, Cabinet, Party Leaders, and British Columbia equivalent.

STOP growth GO sustainable

Dear Mr. Trudeau
STOP growth GO sustainable
STOP manufacturing with new resources and materials
RECYCLE absolutely everything
STOP economic growth
STOP travel
GO stay at home
STOP population growth
Thank you Covid-19
I too am part of the problem
Thank you all those making a difference
There is hope

INTRO April 1, 2021: What a mess! Besides the global pandemic, Planet Earth is in crisis with climate change. It was after hearing a radio show about our economy that I set to and wrote the following. It just poured out. And instead of sending e-mails I printed the letter out, double-sided to save on paper, and mailed the letter to everyone listed below, even bought stamps. So far, over a month later, I have received a short, typed note from the prime-minister's office stating, "You may be assured that your comments have been duly noted and are appreciated." BUT, will there be ACTION? Meanwhile, a hand-written note from David Suzuki starts, "You are absolutely right, of course."
Many will not agree with what I am saying here, and some may consider my comments shocking.
What do YOU think? What are YOU doing to help with sustainability? Personally, I am trying to do my part, conserving, recycling, not travelling, but I also accept that I am part of the problem. Meanwhile, there are many taking action, developing new ways. To those around the planet making a difference I give my thanks and salute you!

(I have made some minor edits to fit the letter and graphics into HTML format. You can download the original letter as a PDF here.)

February 24, 2021

Dear Mr. Trudeau, Prime-Minister of Canada
Dear Mr. Trudeau, Prime-Minister, and Cabinet Members – Chrystia Freeland (Minister of Finance), Marie-Claude Bibeau (Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food), Mélanie Jolie (Minister of Economic Development), François-Philippe Champagne (Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry), Seamus O’Regan (Minister of Natural Resources), Jonathan Wilkinson (Minister of Environment and Climate Change). Also Mr. Erin O’Toole (Conservative Leader), Yves-François Blanchet (Block Québécois Leader), Jagmeet Singh (NDP Leader), Annamie Paul (Green Party Leader). Also, House Leaders: Pablo Rodriguez (Liberal), Gerard Deltell (Conservative), Alain Therrien (Block Québécois), Peter Julian (NDP) and Elizabeth May (Green Party Member of Parliament), Richard Cannings (NDP Member of Parliament). Also, David Suzuki (David Suzuki Foundation), and Puneet Luthra (Dying With Dignity Canada). Copies are also going to members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

STOP growth GO sustainable

I am but a humble Canadian citizen who is very concerned about Canada and the World at this critical time in global history, concerned about everything from health and safety, to environment and climate change, corruption, war, and the hope for international peace. I am most grateful to be living in a country where there is free speech, and so I write you the following.

I was listening to "The House" on CBC Radio this past Saturday, about the need for the present Canadian government to present a budget, and the words ‘economic growth’ came up. I cringed. My understanding is that we live on a finite planet and yet we continue to live life as if Earth is infinite. I say STOP/ARRÊT any form of growth so that Earth and all life upon it can be sustained. I say GO to sustainability, to allow Earth to restore itself without humanity eating away at it, destroying nature and eventually humanity itself. And Canada – we can do it! How?

STOP ALL MANUFACTURING requiring new resources and materials

STOP growth GO sustainable

STOP ALL MANUFACTURING requiring new resources and materials. Stop taking from the Earth - metals, oil, natural gas, coal, sand, rocks, trees etc. Stop destroying wildlife habitat, and the lungs of our planet. Put into place a plan, sooner than later, to convert all manufacturing completely to the following:

STOP growth GO sustainable

RECYCLE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING from energy to building materials, metals, plastics, electronics, glass, fabrics, gray water, etc…

STOP growth GO sustainable

DEVELOP ENERGY – that is not reliant upon natural resources, while being aware that solar panels and windmills have a short life-span and are dependent upon resources, metals and plastic. What of Tesla’s ideas of FREE ENERGY? REDUCE consumption, particularly in cities, and CONSERVE. There MUST be another way of producing energy, as electricity.
                (Many thanks go to those who are already working on this.)

STOP growth GO sustainable

STOP MANUFACTURING AND DISTRIBUTION OF SINGLE USE ITEMS like packaging, throw-away items like one-use dusters – anything that is single use only, except critical items like toilet paper. What about returning to fabric diapers and handkerchiefs? Remove all plastic packaging, from candy wrappers to grain sacks – the list is endless.

STOP growth GO sustainable



STOP growth GO sustainable

STOP ECONOMIC GROWTH - The dollar has become almost value-less. Housing is beyond the financial capabilities of most Canadians without their going into huge debt, if they qualify. Greed is pushing up costs beyond decency, not only of housing, but of food and clothing. The consciousness of many is one of needing more and more and more, and seemingly no satisfaction with what is, while not caring about consequences or the lives of others, or of all life. It is going to take a huge shift in consciousness which will take time, but There Is Hope. One such shift could be to change the unsustainable marketing practices and mind-set of trends and fashion – in everything from cars and trucks, to furniture and clothing.


STOP growth GO sustainable

STOP TRAVEL - Travel is one of the biggest causes of pollution on this planet, from the fuels used, to the gasses created, to the excrement and trash left behind by travellers (e.g. Mount Everest, Venice, etc.). And not to mention the changing of cultures around the planet as a result of tourism. In addition, people are venturing further and further into nature, into back country (especially in BC), with vehicles that can now ‘traverse the roughest roads and terrain.’ What does wildlife have to endure now? And what of the search and rescue organizations that risk their lives to save the ‘ignorant’ who get lost and stranded. It is sad that the global economy is now dependent upon travel and tourism.

STOP growth GO sustainable

It is time to STAY HOME, to be in local community, to support local farmers and suppliers, to redirect energy and resources to think sustainably, locally. Let Canada be a fore-runner in developing an economy and a culture that supports itself, maintains, sustains, and restores LIFE. Canada can do this. It did prior to manufacturing being sent to Asia and other parts of the world for ‘cheap’ labour. Like ‘One Seed’ - Canada can make a difference!


STOP growth GO sustainable

STOP POPULATION GROWTH – As you may be aware, the population of the planet has nearly tripled since 1960. As population grows so does consumption, which eats away at resources and materials, and threatens Nature, destroying life and the environment. What I say here may seem really heartless, but a pandemic is one way of population control, just as were plagues in history, war, diseases, and natural climate changes. The present situation is, however, a global condition, not just Canadian, but Canada can begin a plan, and the sooner the better, to consider:

10 billion people?

FOOD – Can the planet feed 10 billion people? Even now there are food shortages. This will of course, in Canada, require a change of mind-set to eating responsibly, local, in season, as was done before it became a trend to import foods by air from far-off lands. I give thanks for those groups in rural communities working for Food Safe and more.

FECES and URINE – How does the planet deal with eliminations of 10 billion people? Even now the planet has a poop problem. What goes in must come out. And what of the chemicals from medications now in excrement? How will this affect our water, our soils, our health?

HOUSING – how can 10 billion people be housed? Even now, with 7.7 billion, there is mass homelessness, and migration as people flee war and violence, and as financial institutions use immoral and corrupt means to buy up housing and push residents onto the street, homeless.

POLLUTION, GARBAGE & STUFF - How does the planet deal with the masses of garbage of 10 billion people? Even now, there is enough stuff around the world to coat the whole planet. Every single room in every single building on the planet has STUFF.

HUMAN LEGACY - What will we be leaving as our human legacy, say 5,000 years from now? Looking back archeologically, 5,000 years ago we find buildings and stuff made with natural elements. What do we leave? Plastic. And lots of garbage and toxic chemicals.

FEAR OF DEATH AND DYING - Western culture has instilled upon us a fear of dying. Death, along with taxes, is a given. We all will face it. And yet many (or their families) feel they must live forever, and keep consuming, and, sorry to say, becoming a burden upon society. (Please see the article The Cost of Cheating Death - first published in the Vancouver Sun, 2003).

Unfortunately, modern medicine is creating longevity in life - cases of dementia are on the rise, and many seniors live sitting in wheelchairs (long term care has not improved in the last 40-plus years that I am familiar with), in diapers, drooling, and not cognisant of life around them. Thank you ‘Dying with Dignity Canada’ for pursuing changes in legislation for the right to die with dignity. Dear readers, imagine yourself sitting in a dirty diaper, not able to comprehend where you are, or able to communicate. Is this life? Wouldn’t you want to leave? As one elder said to me, as I sat with him, "I wish someone would hit me on the head with a baseball bat and get it over with." Or as my own grandmother and mother said, "I'd rather die than be dependent and in care."


I thank Covid-19 for starting to help wake us up. The world was going far too fast. There will be no going back to 'normal.' The trouble is, it’s going to take a lot more distress for the general population to comprehend the enormity of Earth's plight, to see the bigger picture, to rethink and understand everything, from beliefs to personal needs and actions. Unfortunately, while waking us up, the pandemic has created heart-ache and hardships, and sadly, even more waste and pollution – more plastic.

I too am part of the problem

There are many issues that can be discussed here, from equal and living income for everyone, to the role of governments, the working of government, the necessary changes needed for health care across the country, and the critical issues of housing, jobs, economy, abuse of drugs, and of course, the environment, climate change, energy, and the unfortunate circumstances of corruption, greed, slavery, sex trades, violence, wars and so forth . But this is enough for now. As said, I am but a humble Canadian citizen, and there are many things I do not understand. I just do my part as best I can while recognizing and accepting that I too am part of the problem, simply by living.

THANK YOU all those making a difference

Meanwhile, I give my heart-felt thanks to all who have been working throughout the pandemic, in such trying times, under such difficult circumstances, to help fellow humans, Nature and Planet Earth.

In gratitude and wishing you well,

Rosemary Phillips
"It took one seed to make a diff'rence."
From the story/song/play One Seed

STOP growth GO sustainable

To close the letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and governments in Canada and British Columbia, I concluded with the lyrics to the song "There Is Hope." Here instead, I give you the video with lyrics.

What do you think? Let me know.

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