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2020 - the year of CHANGE
At this critical time on Earth, as the coronavirus, Covid-19, affects us all, in every country, I hope the contents of this web site will provide hope and inspiration through the stories, books, plays, interviews, and songs for all ages, all walks of life, all cultures.
I wish everyone wellness, safety and hope for the future.
Life on Earth has changed.


One Seed - Childrens Story and Song

Une Petite Graine

One Seed - Persian

One Seed - English-Persian

The Whales' Secret

The Whales' Secret

Cost of Cheating Death

Colour You Healthy

Happy Feet Foot Massage

A Song To Remember

It all started in 2002 with "One Seed" the children's story, play and song, a simple 'little book' that has now been used in schools and homes around the world. It is a story about life, and how the courage of one has deep and far-reaching impact. This is now followed by "The Day the Wind Changed" with the videos and second edition E-book just released in March 2020.

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QUILLS: Articles, Interviews, Reviews - See Index of Articles

From interviews with world class musicians to the neighbour next door, here are inspiring stories of achievement, success, tragedy, struggle, discipline, humour, love, passion, hope, new ideas, old ideas, and life. Most of the articles have been published in newspapers and magazines and on the internet as promotion for artists and orchestras.

Read about: bassist Gary Karr and his love of chocolate; of the hilarious opera comedienne Natalie Choquette; about the harmonious Celtic Tenors from Ireland; or about the amazing life of jazz singer Dee Daniels while listening to her singing; and the Grandfather of New Age Music - the late Paul Horn, and so much more...

NOTES: Music and Performance

Music is an integral part of this web site - from original music and recordings like "Homemade" to performances for audiences of all ages, and interview articles with world-class musicians. There are lyrics for original songs, and free MP3 and Video Downloads, like the children's read-along, sing-along "One Seed.".

A Feast of Words and a Cozy Read
So come on in to the web site for a cozy, comfortable and digestible experience - put on the kettle for a good hot cup of tea, coffee, even chocolate, for the internet can also be slow and delectable.


With cheers and gratitude

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NEWS - I have re-posted the autobiographical interview article with the Grandfather of New Age Music - the late Paul Horn. With his permission it was posted here in 2002, when this site was first created and was about the only such article on the internet. Paul used it himself on his own website. Times change, and now there are many articles - but I just felt inspired to put it back up - titled 'Music as Healer.'

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