Quills Quotes & Notes: The Whales' Secret - a children's story by Rosemary Phillips illustrated by Julie Draper

Story by Rosemary Phillips, Illustrated by Julie Draper

Watch YouTube video of Launch and Whales
About the Story
The Whales' Secret - The Book and E-Book
The Whales' Secret - Illustrations by Julie Draper
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This is the story about young orca whales who swam further and further, and deeper and deeper than they had ever done before...

It is a story for all children - and the child within each and every one of us - about adventure, going where we've never gone before, about the mysteries and meaning of life; it is about transformation, the peoples of the world, all life, destiny, hope, love, and the heart of humanity; and of course, it is a simple, fun, inspiring and lifting story that will be interpreted differently by each and every reader.

The secret? Ah, that is for you to find out...

The beauty and mystery of this story is that it can be a metaphor for many things.” Mihaela

Watch YouTube Video of Launch and Whales

The Whales' Secret was launched in 2011 at the first ever “Storytime at Sea” on whale boats as part of the 25th Annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival on Vancouver Island in Tofino and Ucluelet, in British Columbia, Canada. On Monday, March 21, from 10 - 11 a.m. I was aboard the Leviathan II docked at Jamie’s Whaling Station in Tofino and on Tuesday, March 22, from 10 - 11 a.m. on board the Lady Selkirk, at Jamie’s Whaling Station in Ucluelet. Hot chocolate was served - and a good time was had by all - more children and grown-ups kept coming until there was standing room only! Thanks go to Jenn at the Festival Office, to assistants Jacquie and Sandra, and to Jamie's Whaling Station.

The following YouTube video shows part of the launch and the exciting adventure of being on a whaling boat, in rough seas, surrounded by grey whales. The camera work is a bit choppy, but there are whales... lots of whales...

Rosemary with The Whales' Secret

About the Story

It was while I was meditating on life's direction that this story came, from the same source as "One Seed", from a Bedouin on the desert. I was puzzled. Why would he give me a story about whales and the ocean when I was asking for answers to my direction in life? The Bedouin chuckled, gave me the meat of the story and told me to "fill it in".

I was quite perplexed but two weeks later I came to understand at least one purpose for the story. I was driving north on Vancouver Island towards Port Hardy and was scheduled to stop at the elementary school in Alert Bay. As I pulled off the main road I saw a sign that said, "Ferry to Alert Bay, Home of the Killer Whale." I laughed! It was then that I knew I was to tell the story to the children after my regular presentation. This is the wonder and magic of life - everything is in its perfect time!

The children made themselves comfortable and listened as the story unfolded. They loved it. One student asked, "Is that a time travel story?" Another said, "We know where love is."

I'm not going to give the story away here, but will let you know that the whales go on a really big adventure and experience wonderful things around the world. (To get an idea of their adventure visit the Children's Art Gallery.) As a result of their adventure the whales have a secret... and they're not telling!

The more I read this story the more I see in it. There are so many meanings and levels, and I'm sure that everyone who reads it will see it differently. And the secret? It will be your own.

"My favourite part is where the lights say they are free." Danika, Grade 2

Julie Draper

The Whales' Secret - The Book and PDF E-Book

After three years "The Whales' Secret" has finally become a little book. It has taken a lot of work and plenty of re-writing and re-editing. And of course, it took collaboration with Julie Draper, a gifted and sensitive artist who loves to paint nature images, for this to become a reality.

As with previous books, "The Whales's Secret will be available in full colour as a small printed version (ISBN 978-0-9866066-2-5) and as a PDF E-Book (ISBN 978-0-9866066-8-7). The first printing has been created locally, in British Columbia, Canada, with plenty of TLC and quality control as I have personally hand-folded, collated, laminated, cut and bound each single copy. It has been a big job, but a very satisfying one. Quills Quotes & Notes has now become a small publisher of little books.

The Whales' Secret - Illustrations by Julie Draper

When Julie Draper first heard this story she just knew that she had to illustrate it. She felt such a connection with it, and of course its theme of whales. Julie has spent many years with whales on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, in Canada, and has worked on a whale sightseeing boat out of Tofino. Julie has worked tirelessly for the preservation of wildlife and nature.

Over the last three years we talked off and on about creating the book and finally this last summer we made the commitment to make it a reality. With a rough draft of the text in hand, Julie lovingly created the wonderful paintings that help bring the story to life.

I give my thanks and gratitude. It has been Julie's association with the nature, the environment, the whales of the Pacific Rim and with First Nations that has helped bring about the beautiful energy that can be felt in this creation - "The Whales' Secret". Thank you Julie!

"I like the whales. I really like fish." Aidon, Grade 2

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The Whales' Secret - Presentation and Performance
The Whales' Secret has been presented to date in schools and for groups for storytime. It is hoped that there will be many presentations yet to come. To book a presentation please Contact Rosemary.

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